Alejandro Monge

Alejandro Monge | Democracy is so overrated

Alejandro Monge

Democracy is so overrated, 2017

Oil on canvas

150 x 150 cm


Alejandro Monge

Zaragoza, 1988

Alejandro Monge studied Fine Arts, Sculpture and Design at the Zaragoza College of Fine Arts. The artist uses large-format canvases, he manages to make the viewer doubt: painting or photography? Pure realism in artworks that are born after months of work. Monge has participated in many exhibitions, including the “International Airport” or “Cenizas de la Historia” with 3 Punts Gallery, as well as Contemporary Art fairs such as SWAB, Art Madrid, Art Fair Cologne, among others. Part of his work is ...

Artist's works

Alejandro Monge | Transcendence 1

Alejandro Monge

Transcendence 1, 2017

Stainless steel, polyester resin, fiberglass and epoxy resin

52 x 25 x 22 cm

Alejandro Monge | My Little Money

Alejandro Monge

My Little Money, 2016

Polyester resin, petrified and painted paper

12 x 23 x 11 cm

Alejandro Monge | The European Dream 2

Alejandro Monge


The European Dream 2, 2017

Polychrome galvanized steel

42 x 52 x 52 cm


Alejandro Monge | Close To Darkness

Alejandro Monge

Close To Darkness, 2015

Mixed media on canvas

150 x 150 cm

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