Carmen Galofré

Carmen Galofré | Atmósfera 3

Carmen Galofré

Atmósfera 3, 2021

Oil on canvas

53 x 114 cm

Galería Jorge Alcolea

Madrid, España


about Carmen Galofré

Minnesota (EE.UU), 1959

Born in Rochester, Minnesota, Carmen Galofré has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of San Jordi in Barcelona, ​​where she specialized in drawing and painting in 1985. A painter, astrologer and teacher in both disciplines, she reflects on the human condition, what defines us as people, what determines us and gives us freedom. Eager to understand and learn about life itself, as well as the complex relationship between inside and outside, Galofré defends mastery of the craft as greater freedom of expression. And in that expression, the result of a very personal style, figuration and abstraction, tradition and modernity coexist in harmony, to connect with the public, move them, and transmit what they would not know how to express with words.

In the work of Carmen Galofré there is a constant desire to paint the intangible: the air, the atmosphere, the light. Thus, her work revolves around perception, the emotion aroused by observation. Her palette is harmonic, with a special importance of the color white in different shades that she uses subtly to achieve transparencies, depth, volume and brightness.

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