Isabelle Faria

Isabelle Faria | Purity-Finally time had come V

Isabelle Faria

Purity-Finally time had come V, 2017

Oil on canvas

80 x 80 cm

Arte Periférica

Lisboa, Portugal



Isabelle Faria

París (Francia), 1973

She studied Arts, Painting, Drawing, and Video at the Saint Martins Central School in London in 2003. She has realized many exhibitions at the Galería Periférico Lisboa with the exhibition Integrity, Seven Virtues as well as ArteJungle in Paris. Faria has participated in the Drawing Biennial of Namur, Belgium; at the Lisbon Art Fair; ARCO and at the Lisbon Museum with Vanity. Her work is in many collections, including the Museum of the City of Lisbon, the Manuel de Brito Collection and the Red B ...

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