Thilleli Rahmoun

Thilleli Rahmoun | BCN Poblenou

Thilleli Rahmoun

BCN Poblenou, 2018

Mixed media on paper

42 x 59 cm

MH Art Gallery

Bilbao, España



Thilleli Rahmoun

Argel (Argelia), 1978

Thilleli Rahmoun is graduated of the ENSBA in Paris and the School of Fine Arts in Algiers. Her work was presented in several individual exhibitions such as the French Institute of Barcelona, the Crous Beaux-arts Gallery in Paris, La Résidence Contemporary Art Center; and at a collective level, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Algiers, Ycone Gallery, Yango Biennal, among others. She received the Alfonso Cellier Prize (French Academy of Fine Arts, 2006), the Félix Fénéon Prize (2008) and various scholarships from the City of Paris and the French Ministry of Culture.

Artist's works

Thilleli Rahmoun | Sin título

Thilleli Rahmoun

Sin título, 2017

Mixed media on paper

150 x 175 cm

Thilleli Rahmoun | Chimeneas y campo rojo

Thilleli Rahmoun

Chimeneas y campo rojo, 2017

Mixed media on paper

150 x 245 cm

Thilleli Rahmoun | BCN Sants

Thilleli Rahmoun

BCN Sants, 2018

Mixed media on paper

42 x 59 cm

Thilleli Rahmoun | Ximeneies

Thilleli Rahmoun

Ximeneies, 2017

Mixed media on paper

150 x 185 cm

Featured works

Juan Fielitz | Desnudo I

Juan Fielitz

Desnudo I, 2018

Papel Hahnemühle

120 x 74 cm

Lino Lago | Fake Abstract (F. Boucher)

Lino Lago

Fake Abstract (F. Boucher), 2019

Oil on fabric

160 x 150 cm


Manuela Eichner | Googly Eyes

Manuela Eichner

Googly Eyes, 2018

Collage sobre madera

60 x 45 cm


Diego Benéitez | Sobre lo primario

Diego Benéitez

Sobre lo primario, 2018

Mixed media on board

80 x 80 cm


João Carlos Galvão | Relieve verde

João Carlos Galvão

Relieve verde, 2018

Relieve en madera con parte lacada

60 x 60 cm

José Ramón Lozano | Sin Título(I)

José Ramón Lozano

Sin Título(I), 2018

Acrylic on fabric

195 x 195 cm


Guim Tió Zarraluki | Campament

Guim Tió Zarraluki

Campament, 2017

Oil on linen

130 x 195 cm

Lantomo | Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa


Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, 2016

Grafito y pastel sobre papel encolado a madera

73 x 50 cm


Kepa Garraza | Felipe IV

Kepa Garraza

Felipe IV, 2016

Pastel sobre papel

200 x 140 x 2 cm