22ND FEB 2019 | 5-6.45 pm. | Auditorium SALA ALCALÁ 31

In the activities program, we want to give the floor to the Spanish creators with high impact in the field of video art. This meeting offers a theoretical-visual framework where the artists will present their creations, expose their work and discuss different issues open to the participation of the audience. The goal is to know better the work of these artists and generate an open dialogue to questions and concerns of the public, which will serve to understand more their productions and the concepts behind.


Participating artists: Eugenio Ampudia, Mateo Maté, Carlos Aires, Democracia, Cristina Garrido y Rubén Martín de Lucas Moderating: Daniel Villegas


Eugenio Ampudia (Melgar, Valladolid, 1958) is one of the most recognised Spanish artists in the field of video creation and multidisciplinary art. His work always hosts a critique of artistic processes, the artist as a generator of discourses and a person who plays a political role, the meaning of art, the methods of production, diffusion and consumption, as well as a reflection on the experience of the viewer when facing these pieces. His works have been exhibited in numerous international institutions around the world and are part of collections such as MNCARS, MUSAC, ARTIUM, IVAM, La Caixa, among others. He has received numerous recognitions such as the AECA Award, the ARCO-BEEP Award, the Electronic Art Collection, as well as The Delfina Foundation (London) scholarship, among many others.

Mateo Maté (Madrid, 1964) is a conceptual artist who has worked in numerous disciplines, from sculpture to installation, through video art, a sphere of creation in which he has also had considerable success. The versatility of this artist has allowed him to achieve a great international impact and wide recognition, with numerous individual and collective exhibitions inside and outside our country. His work is present in collections such as the Reina Sofia National Museum, MUSAC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla y Leon), the CAB of Burgos, Artium (Basque Museum of Contemporary Art of Vitoria), The Altadis Foundation of Paris or the Botín Foundation in Santander. In addition, he has won prestigious awards such as the "Altadis Artes Plásticas" prize or the one granted by the "Art and Law Foundation", and has been a beneficiary of prestigious Scholarships such as the "Marcelino Botín Foundation" or "Pépinièreseuropéennes", in France.

Carlos Aires (Ronda, Málaga, 1974) began his studies in Fine Arts at the Alonso Cano School in Granada, and later studied in Tilburg (The Netherlands) and in Belgium. In the Netherlands, a very fruitful period began thanks to the Manuel Rivera Scholarship for the extension of artistic studies, granted by the Diputación de Granada, and the De Pont Foundation artistic residence prize. From this artistic experience, Carlos Aires started a phase of creative expansion that led him to participate in numerous exhibitions and projects throughout Europe. His work can be found in public collections, including ARTIUM, MACBA, Fondation Francès (France), ARTER (Turkey), Maison Particulière (Belgium), Museum Biedermann (Germany), 21c Museum (USA), MAK (Austria), Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium).

DEMOCRACIA (Madrid, 2006) This group of creators formed in 2006 focuses on the discussion and confrontation of ideas and forms of action. DEMOCRACIA works as a node of interests put together temporarily for the development of the same goal, which allows to combine different perspectives, both the individual ones of each component, as well as those arising from each particular project in the relations with different agents and communities. Since its creation, the collective has had a prolific and enriching activity, with numerous exhibitions and individual and collective interventions inside and outside of Spain.

Cristina Garrido (Madrid, 1986) Having studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid (2004-2009) and Camberwell College of Arts (2007-2008), she obtained an MA Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art (2010-2011) with a Fundació “la Caixa” Grant for Postgraduate studies in Great Britain. She has been awarded the prize Generación 2015 Proyectos de Arte Fundación Montemadrid (2015), the Fundación Botín Visual Arts Grant (2017-2018) and the ARCO Award for young artists (2018). Her work has been exhibited internationally, including shows at The British Museum (London), Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo (Madrid), Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC) (Seville), Centrale for Contemporary Art (Brussels), CentroCentro (Madrid), Espacio Odeón (Bogotá), Fundación Luís Soane (A Coruña), Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (La Habana), SESC Sorocaba (Sorocaba/ São Paulo), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Banner Repeater (London), Spike Island (Bristol), Matadero (Madrid) among many others.

Rubén Martín de Lucas (Madrid, 1977) graduated in Civil Engineering in 2002, but before finishing his studies he began to excel in his artistic side by co-founding the Boa Mistura group, a collective that stands out mainly for its urban art interventions in Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Mexico or Norway. In 2015 he decided to start his solo career with a discourse focused on the reflection on the intervention of mankind in the environment; a thematic line from which several projects have already emerged and which have allowed Rubén to participate in numerous exhibitions inside and outside Spain.

Daniel Villegas Professor at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design of the European University of Madrid. He has worked as an artist in the Fast Food collective and, later on, individually. As a researcher, he has published in different specific media such as Nolens Volens, a magazine of which he is part of the Editorial Board, Versiones or ArteContexto among others. He has also produced several texts for different catalogues and exhibition publications, besides also having experience as a curator.