Olga Diego “The flight as a creative matter”


Thursday Feb. 13th | 5.30 - 8.30 pm

Auditorium. Medialab Prado (C/ Alameda, 15)

Free entrance until full capacity

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Flight systems and artefacts activated from performance and audiovisual documentation.

Olga Diego preparando "Jardín autómata". CCCC Museo del Carmen, Valencia. Foto: Carolina Diego


For this meeting, Olga Diego stages a practical session to work on the concepts of "Flight, Art and Action", their interrelation and the need for audiovisual registration as a definitive work induced by the original ephemeral work.

A masterclass in which we will talk about when artistic creation requires scientific knowledge to be built, and when the process becomes a work leaving behind interesting graphic, audiovisual results, construction rigs and models or writings. Also, when artists use technology, or when they create and develop a specific technology. Artists versus inventors. Art versus science. From failed and disastrous flights, or from the theory of failure successfully. And of the artefact-sculpture intended for action.

Olga Diego has a degree in Fine Arts from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (2006). She currently lives in Alicante. As a multidisciplinary artist, her work is based on sculpture and performance or action art, which she documents with photography and video. Her most recent work investigates flight systems, the possibility of using forms, materials and techniques that allow an autonomous flight to respond to the concept of "floating." Halfway between experimentation and science, her proposals take into account the creation of ephemeral and volatile figures and models, sensitive to the interaction and experience of the viewer.