Patxi Araújo “All Prophets are Wrong”


Wednesday Feb. 12th | 5.30 - 8.30 pm

Auditorium. Medialab Prado (C/ Alameda, 15)

Free entrance until full capacity

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In this masterclass, Patxi Araújo will take us to a tour through his career to share with us his creative experience, his concerns and the paths explored with his work. It will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the methods and interests of an artist who has known how to incorporate technology into his production processes without losing the burden of speech and his constant concern for communication modes.

Patxi Araújo (Urueña, 1967) is an artist and professor at the Faculty of Arts at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. Departament of Art and Technology. Despite his background in fine arts practice, his work takes place in the territory of the poetics of new-media, as an aesthetic alibi to face the technological-digital. His early works were incursions into the territory of interaction and techno-magic. He has also developed spaces, objects and subjects based on the research of the interface concept. Now his investigation focuses on software entities and physical environments, around the concept of the human and nature through bodies, perceptions and metaphors related to programming, artificial life or simulation. His work has been recognised and selected in different biennials, festivals and contests of both video art and electronic experimentation.

Among his latest individual exhibitions, we can highlight “The Trained Particles Circus”, Horno de la Ciudadela (Pamplona, 2018); “Oort_Mutantes” Huarte Centre of Contemporary Art (Navarra, 2014); "Peat. Concert in 15 movements for 64 neuronal oscillators” in the Pamplona Planetarium and the BilbaoArte Foundation (2014). In addition, he has been selected in different biennials and contests such as “Wunderkammer. Utopian objects. ”Faculty of Fine Arts Library - UCM, Madrid (2018); “EX5”, Galileo Cultural Centre, Madrid (2018); “Share Festival XIII”, Il Moderno Prometeo, Turin (2018); “Zinetika Festival”, Bilbao (2018); “Life at the Edges”, Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin (2018); “Osmosis Audiovisual Media Festival”, Taipei (2016), or “International Image Festival - XII Monographic Exhibition Media Art”, Manizales, Colombia (2016), among many others.