Presentation and meeting with the artist Fernando Baena

Thursday, Feb. 27th | 5 pm

Art Madrid Fair | Booth D5

ART MADRID-PROYECTOR’20 wants to offer a direct encounter with the artists, to foster dialogue and understanding of the new working methods that the authors follow in the field of video creation and action art. For this reason, from Wednesday 26th to Saturday 29th presentations are organised with the artists, so that they can introduce their work and we can enjoy a selection of their most recent pieces on the screen.

Fernando Baena is a multidisciplinary artist who cultivates video, photography, installation and performance, as a means to reach the viewer more strongly. In order to question and refer to fundamental aspects of everyday life, he looks for open spaces that are more accessible to the public. His works intend to interact by approaching through the use of common materials, and the use of direct speeches that demonstrate his communicative intention.