21ST FEB 2019

When: 21st February, 2019 | 7 pm

Where: Auditorium SALA ALCALÁ 31

To whom: Open to the general public interested in culture, professionals involved in current artistic processes and university student. Free access until completing capacity

Fotograma de Marina Abramovic, obra de la colección Teresa Sapey

For the activities program of Art Madrid, PROYECTOR presents three curatorial cycles that convey the international panorama of video art.

1.Teresa Sapey Collection

2.Cycle 2: "Del cuerpo presente al cuerpo performativo" (curated by PROYECTOR)

3.Cycle 3: "Ciudades" (curated by PROYECTOR)

In the first session, Francesca Sapey will present the Teresa Sapey Collection, which includes great figures of video art. Under the title "Woman as a subject of video art", this cycle presents a selection of the following artworks:

Candice Breitz with Becoming Cameron (2003), edición 2/3

Hussein Chalayan with Afterwords (2000), edición 3/5

Julian Opie with Sara Undressing (2004), edición 2/4

Marina Abramovic with Nude with Skeleton (2002-2005), edición 4/5

Eugenio Ampudia with Fuego Frio 2 (2004), edición 5/6