Agnes Essonti


wednesday 22nd February - 19:00pm

Art Madrid Venue

Agnes Essonti Luque is a Cameroonian and Spanish artist born in 1996 in Barcelona. She grew up in a multicultural environment connected to her African roots. Now she lives and works in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Essonti attended the Escola Massana in Barcelona, ​​has a Diploma in Photography from Kensington and Chelsea College in London, has a postgraduate degree in Culture and Thought of Black Peoples from the UCM in Madrid, and a Master's Degree in Photographic Project Development from the Blank Paper School from Madrid.


Dig into the roots, in the memories, in the memory. What is the objective of tracing the origin of the (self) narrative? To continue writing it from a space-time coordinate oscillating from Africa to Europe and from an inherited past to a present under construction. Agnes Essonti blends her Cameroonian and Andalusian heritage by wearing a flamenco dress designed from African-inspired textiles. Her body is the territory of reconstruction, of the search for her identity from a feminist and decolonial position. Her body, abolisher of established canons, will inhabit and tour the fairgrounds in order to decode herself.