Intercesiones. Ciclo de Performance X Tara For Women

Intercessions X Tara For Women:

The Performance Cycle

With the intention of fostering a space of enunciation led by women, Art Madrid joins forces with the Tara for Women Foundation, which, in its mission to empower and strengthen talented women, becomes a collaborator of the renewed parallel program of Art Madrid'24 with the Performance Cycle: Intercessions X Tara For Women.

Sábado 9 de marzo a las 19:00h
Stand, by me, de Estel Boada

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ABOUT ESTEL BOADA Estel Boada (Mataró, Barcelona, 1991) decides to dedicate her life to show in an ironic and burlesque way what happens and affects her in the past, present and future. Of a multifaceted nature, he decides to go through different disciplines that sail the seas of design, humor, drawing, performance, public space, collectivity and voice. He doesn't choose anything in particular and believes that everything can be an interesting story to narrate with loudspeakers. After studying Fine Arts, he is interested in design, drawing, performance, space, collectivity and voice. Among his interventions stand out: Pendongeng, Can Felipa; Nephentes, Goethe Institut; Ella, allà i després, Blue Project Foundation; De Kathedraal: la història de la construcció, la Nau Estruch; Phérein, musical action in the cable cars of Barcelona; Vital, the musical with NyamNyam at the Antic Teatre; No sóc una tovallola within the cycle On és la performance? at the Centre d'Art Maristany in Sant Cugat; ILUMINADAS, with the Pedra collective at the Muhba Museum; kslkkda, as part of the Low Tech Music Sessions at the Virreina; Esperit de Clor, for MAC Mataró as part of the Quasi veu project. He also shared a radio and editorial project with artist Xavi Rodríguez Martín, Radio Fluorescer (2015 - 2018).

She has curated several contemporary art festivals such as Ciclo Macarena, Ciclo del Siglo, L'Assalt or Llucifest. She has held different workshops related to art and education at Sant Andreu Contemporani, Fundació Miró, Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc, BlancDeGuix and MACBA. He currently works in a civic center to pay the rent and the education department of MACBA with the project Dibuixa, copia i distribueix while he enjoys singing with, a Catalan electro-pop music project together with Daniel Moreno Roldán and Albert Sánchez. Besides collaborating in other musical groups such as La Orquesta del Caballo Ganador with Za! Sara Fontán and Esperit! (Mau Boada), among others.


They say that in order to succeed, a trade fair stand must be well located, innovative, tidy, have a good, clear and clean image, we can't let it go unnoticed, it must stand out from the competition, generate curiosity and space for face-to-face interaction. Well, after 19 years the perfect stand has arrived, he doesn't know it yet, but it has been an exclusive creation to stand out at the fair. His name is Stanley, he is 19 years old and he is... human.

Stand, by me is a performance that wants to address in an ironic and burlesque way the responsibility and position of an art fair stand. "Stanley", our main character created to live and die at the fair, doesn't know what the outside is, but he knows all about the strengths and weaknesses of this mobile architecture. Unlike his family made of plasterboard, wood, glass and PVC, Stanley is human matter and therefore feels different from the rest. He tries to be like the rest of the smooth, straight, mono tonal, silent stands... but it is impossible, he has to understand that his strength is his uniqueness. Through a corporal and vocal exploration he finds the way to express himself and communicate with others, generating curiosity, empathy and humor.

These are the artists who are participating in the Cycle of Performances of Art Madrid'24:

Mónica Egido - Wednesday, March 6 at 19:00h

Sara Gema Domínguez - Thursday, March 7 at 7:00 p.m.

Teresa Búa - Friday, March 8th at 17:00h

Estel Boada - Saturday March 9th at 19:00h