Intercesiones. Ciclo de Performance X Tara For Women

Intercessions X Tara for Women:

The Performance Cycle

With the intention of fostering a space of enunciation led by women, Art Madrid joins forces with the Tara for Women Foundation, which, in its mission to empower and strengthen talented women, becomes a collaborator of the renewed parallel program of Art Madrid'24 with the Performance Cycle: Intercessions X Tara For Women.

Miércoles 6 de marzo a las 19:00h
VACÍO. De la serie FOMO, de Mónica Egido

Mónica Egido


Mónica Egido (Salamanca, 1994); visual artist, graduated in physiotherapy and specialized in neuroscience of chronic pain and obstetrics. She has recently been selected to be part of the European photography platform Futures Photography 2023. In 2021 she was awarded a scholarship by PhotoEspaña to pursue a master's degree in Personal Projects and in 2023 she was awarded the Tara For Women Foundation prize in its first call for talented women in the field of visual arts. She has exhibited her work individually in the cultural space of Salamanca Barrio del Oeste (2019) and collectively in spaces such as the Abartium gallery in Barcelona, The Holy Art Gallery in London, Espacio Nuca in Salamanca, the Sala de Arte El Brocense in Cáceres and galleries in Madrid such as GÄRNA Gallery and Sara Caso. He has published his work in Vogue Italia, Libro Flamantes, first edition of the magazine Invernadero and has illustrated the book Mosaicos Económicos. In addition, his project FOMO is part of the latest catalog of Futures Photography 2023. She participated in the last edition of the PhotoEspaña festival in the gallery Espacio Lobo and in the Centro de Arte de Alcobendas.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a diagnostic label under which people of the same generation suffer high levels of anxiety and stress due to the fear of not complying with everything that society imposes; they live in a state of constant alertness that leads to a deterioration of their physical and mental health. The social demands imposed along with the maximum development of capitalism, consumerism and productivism at all levels, make human beings self-imposed to take advantage of every second, forgetting the need to stop, rest, get bored and "not doing". This project aims to give visibility to this social problem and create a space for debate to talk about an issue that affects thousands of people. We must raise what is the origin of the desire to be connected with what others are doing at all times and what is its effect at an individual level, from a neuroscientific and psychological point of view; and what is its effect at a social level, covered from anthropology and philosophy. Vacío reflects on the impact of anxiety maintained over time on physical and mental health in a large percentage of people of the millennial generation.

These are the artists who are participating in the Cycle of Performances of Art Madrid'24:

Mónica Egido - Wednesday, March 6 at 19:00h

Sara Gema Domínguez - Thursday, March 7 at 7:00 p.m

Teresa Búa - Friday, March 8th at 17:00h

Estel Boada - Saturday March 9th at 19:00h