Intercesiones. Ciclo de Performance X Tara For Women

Intercessions X Tara For Women:

The Performance Cycle

With the intention of fostering a space of enunciation led by women, Art Madrid joins forces with the Tara for Women Foundation, which, in its mission to empower and strengthen talented women, becomes a collaborator of the renewed parallel program of Art Madrid'24 with the Performance Cycle: Intercessions X Tara For Women.

Jueves 7 de marzo a las 19:00h
Bingo de artista, de Sara Gema Domínguez

Sara Gema Domínguez


Sara Gema Domínguez (Málaga, 1993) studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of Pontevedra, Galicia. She has enjoyed two mobility scholarships at the University of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and at the University of Granada, Spain. She studied a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Artistic Production and Research at the University of Malaga (2019) and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Social Developments of Artistic Culture at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Malaga. She has participated in the Novos cinemas film festival in Pontevedra as a photographer. And she has collaborated in several artistic collectives: Transitando (Santo Domingo), La catorce (Granada), Artealgo (Bristol), Colectivo 3D (Málaga/ Galicia), Pura y fachada (Galicia), the latter was awarded by Residencias Paraíso (2022). She has been part of the Encontro de Artistas Novos in the City of Culture (2022) where her work "Tacones para ser más alta" has been published in the EAN volume of the Xunta de Galicia.

Her work revolves around the action arts. She is interested in the relationship between the concepts of art and life and works with them generating different interpretations about her contextual reality. The body is a living and present tool in continuous physical and emotional change; analyzing this through creative experience has made freer the way in which her ideas operate. He uses artistic action in its daily context and tries to raise questions and new possibilities about a reality totally conditioned by the existence of certain established behaviors, objects, elements of language (such as set phrases or sayings), in short, cultural patterns.


Chance is a constant in our lives and the context in which an artist is born or develops is essential to determine his position in the market or his mere recognition. The idea of play and the models that revolve around it - as proposed by Allan Kaprow - produce a change of roles, and the artist then becomes a player. Satire, humor and criticism on the processes of professionalization of an artist are part of a bingo that invites the public to become potential creative agents with their participation in the action. The winner will receive a diploma certifying that he or she is an artist, thus demonstrating his or her recognition to others.

These are the artists who are participating in the Cycle of Performances of Art Madrid'24:

Mónica Egido - Wednesday, March 6 at 19:00h

Sara Gema Domínguez - Thursday, March 7 at 19:00h

Teresa Búa - Friday, March 8th at 17:00h

Estel Boada - Saturday March 9th at 19:00h