#LaQuedada. Circuito de estudios de Art Madrid'24


Art Madrid'24 Studio Circuit

Have you ever wondered what an artist's studio is like? Have you ever imagined where an artist produces his work when, for example, he is preparing to participate in an art fair?

Meeting up, making a plan to get to know each other and together discover the workspace of an artist can be an appealing proposal to start the approach to the art world. Entering a fertile ground for the imagination and breathing the creative environments that usually surround these intimate spaces, is always an incentive for the senses. To prove it, we have organized #LaQuedada, an itinerary through the studios of some of the artists who will be participating in Art Madrid'24.

In the first edition of #LaQuedada we will have the opportunity to visit the studios of five artists who will be participating in Art Madrid'24:

Carlos Tárdez - Thursday, February 22 at 7pm to 7:45pm

Elena Gual - Friday, February 22 at 7pm to 7:45pm

Lara Padilla - Friday, February 23rd at 19:30h to 20:45h

Richard García - Saturday, February 24 at 11:00h to 11:45h

Marina Tellme - Saturday, February 24 at 12:30 to 13:30h

La Quedada is a project designed for all audiences. You can join us whether you are a professional in the field of culture or if you are passionate about contemporary art.

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