Open Booth X LIQUITEX - Marina Tellme


Marina Tellme

From March 6 to 10 at stand D2
Reunión de gente importantísima, by Marina Tellme

Art Madrid inaugurates within its Parallel Program the OPEN BOOTH space. Spanish artist Marina Tellme has been invited to intervene in Stand D2 with the unpublished installation: Reunión de gente importantísima. The OPEN BOOTH is an open space that will host in each edition an emerging visual artist and will accompany her in her presentation within the Madrid art market circuit.

Marina Tellme

MARINA TELLME (Almería, 1995)

Graduated in Fine Arts at the Alonso Cano Faculty (Granada), Master in Film Directing at TAI and qualified as a dubbing actress at EDM (Madrid). Her work has been exhibited at the Humboldt University (Berlin), the Centro de Arte García Lorca (Granada), the Bless Hotel (Madrid), the Instituto de la Mujer de Almería, selected in the Art Sur festival of art in action (Córdoba) or the Femujer de Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), among others. Her art is the result of her passion for telling stories. Her paintings, sculptures and installations represent (as if it were a frame of an animated film) a scenery with characters and circumstances mostly comic and naive style but with room for social criticism.

Reunión de gente importantísima

Marina Tellme presents Reunión de gente importantísima, an immersive experience in which she eloquently opens the doors to her creative world. The artist invites viewers to enjoy her imagined universe, while proposing a subversive look at the context of social relations established within the art world. With a touch of humor, a naïve aesthetic and an intentionality that could seem candid, the work represents -as a satire or comic strip- a meeting of very important people in a VIP area.

The installation Reunión de gente importantísima can be visited from March 6 to 10 at Stand D2.