Adalina Coromines

Adalina Coromines

Barcelona, 1963

Adalina Coromines cofounds the renowned Joan Lao Studio of Barcelona, dedicated to architecture, interior design, industrial design and brand creation. Her works have been published in prestigious national and international media. She begins painting with watercolours. Then, inspired by nature, she changes to different types of soil and natural pigments because of their great expressiveness. Being environmentally committed, pigments, earth and paints are ecological and pollutant-free. There is a huge effort to flee from traditional techniques and seek new plastic paths. Extensive use of bas-relief allows her to play with lights and shadows, while at the same time to express the unyielding quest for depth which has become an unwavering feature of her work. She has walked a long inner path in search of the essences, and her findings are reflected in her work with the aim of sharing a mystical experience with the observer.

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