Add Fuel

Add Fuel

Cascaes (Portugal), 1980

Add Fuel is the Portuguese visual artist Diogo Machado. Fascinated by the aesthetic possibilities of symmetrical patterns and tessellations, his works focus towards working with and reinterpreting the language of traditional tile design, and that of the Portuguese tinned ceramic tile in particular. Effortlessly blending these two seemingly irreconcilable visual idioms, his current practice seeks to combine traditional decorative elements with contemporary visual references in new forms that reveal an impressive complexity and masterful attention to detail.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

3 Punts Galeria

Programa General

Artist's works

Add Fuel | Segment 03 absence

Add Fuel

Segment 03 absence, 2020

Tinta de gel sobre cerámica en capas montada en HDF

75 x 75 cm

Add Fuel | Adapta

Add Fuel

Adapta, 2021

Tinta de gel sobre cerámica montada en HDF

30 x 30 cm

Add Fuel | Chasm 06

Add Fuel

Chasm 06, 2020

Cerámica blanca en capas

61 x 61 cm