Art Madrid'24 – Adrián GoMa

Adrián GoMa

Madrid, 1985

Adrián Goma has a Master's Degree in Animation, Illustration, Comics and Infographics from ESDIP (Higher School of Professional Drawing). He has obtained important awards and mentions such as the Barcelona Academy of Art Prize in the III Modportrait Portrait Competition 2015 or the Honorable Mention in the XXIX Antonio Arnau Painting Prize in Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo, 2020). His latest exhibitions are “Nomen Nescio” and “San Sebastianes in a Chaotic World” (2023) organized by Inéditad Gallery between Madrid and Barcelona. His work is part of private collections in Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United States and France. For this artist, art is the exaltation of humanity itself, the mirror in which we look at ourselves. His work is based on the associations of ideas and thoughts that are configured into works of a high technical and conceptual level.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Inéditad Gallery

Programa General