Art Madrid'24 – Aitor Etxeberría

Aitor Etxeberría

Mendaro, (Guipúzcoa), 1958

For the multidisciplinary artist Aitor Etxeberría, the nature of his immediate surroundings becomes the reason for his first oil paintings. Soon, however, the restlessness that has always spurred his work leads him to a certain deconstruction of the landscape and a treatment of light that brings him closer to some authors of the Madrid School and to his reinvention of the landscape by resorting to neo-cubist forms of expression. Later and by proximity, it is related to artists from the Basque artistic scene with which it takes another turn obtaining prizes and recognition in competitions such as the BMW (Medal of Honor) and other national and international awards, in recent years it has evolved by exploring in the field of sculpture, starting with objects that he recycles to turn them into works of art of different materials such as bronze, wood, stone, etc.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Kur Art Gallery

Programa General