Ana Sánchez participating

Ana Sánchez

Salamanca, 1964

Ana Sanchez, a plastic painter, studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. Sánchez has made a large number of individual and collective exhibitions in places such as France, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, China and Japan.

In addition, she has received several scholarships and prestigious awards have supported her artistic career (The Spanish Academy in Rome, Casa Velázquez, FONCA scholarship, etc.) Her work has been present in national and intern ...

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Galería Espiral

Programa General

Artist's works

Ana Sánchez | Rítmicas

Ana Sánchez

Rítmicas, 2017

Manipulated paper

42 x 58 x 4 cm


Ana Sánchez | Cúmulo

Ana Sánchez

Cúmulo, 2017

Manipulated paper

42 x 29 x 8 cm


Ana Sánchez | Laberinto

Ana Sánchez

Laberinto, 2017

Manipulated paper

60 x 35 x 8 cm


Ana Sánchez | Dueto

Ana Sánchez

Dueto, 2017

Manipulated paper

28 x 32 x 10 cm


Ana Sánchez | Contenido

Ana Sánchez

Contenido, 2017

Manipulated paper

64 x 47 x 7 cm