Art Madrid'23 – Ángeles Atauri

Ángeles Atauri

Madrid, 1965

The multidisciplinary artist from Madrid, Angeles Atauri surprises with her particular worlds enclosed in bubbles. They are unknown worlds from known objects but to which the artist confers a new function loaded with poetry, a true chimaera to change the world. The artist creates series, mixes traditional techniques with others incorporated into the demand of the object she performs. Her work is on track towards directions that the matter she works with leads her and merges with the idea that inspires him the moment she bumps into it. Her drawings, of an ethereal subtlety, dance on the paper almost levitating, suggesting trees and forests that she orders in an almost magical way. We could say that her pieces are the result of the poetic thought that always accompanies her.

After 20 years as a graphic designer, in 2010 Atauri turned drawing into her profession. The pencil and ink, previously used in the sketches of her works, have become tools for the final work. tools for the final work. Atauri draws trees, solitary or in forests, and creates dialogues. Conversations between them or with empty chairs, which are our own conscience. All his drawings have something in common: within the limits he sets, they develop in patterns of repetition. This turns his way of working into a form of meditation.