Art Madrid'23 – Anna Herrgott

Anna Herrgott

Herrenberg, (Alemania), 1983

Anna Herrgott is a conceptual artist who reflects on the concept of the fictional and beauty through aesthetic, historical, statistical, and phenomenological axes. Her work is composed of various artistic media and methods, seeking interaction and introspection of the public through factors such as glamour, fashion and luxury, as well as other lifestyles. The artist poses questions about the secrets we hide behind a fictitious social façade. Her work is composed of various media and artistic methods, seeking interaction and introspection in the viewer. During the last decade, in addition to exhibiting in the major German capitals, she has been awarded the Art-Art Prize by the Magdeburg Gallery.

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Shiras Galería

Programa General

Artist's works

Anna Herrgott | Face II

Anna Herrgott

Face II, 2021

Técnica mixta: óleo sobre lienzo, policromía y pastel sobre papel, pigmento sobre alu-dibond

140 x 98 x 2 cm

Anna Herrgott | Femme (Sur)vival

Anna Herrgott

Femme (Sur)vival, 2021

Espejo dorado grabado a mano

68.5 x 50 cm

Anna Herrgott | Reflect No.5

Anna Herrgott

Reflect No.5, 2022

Cristal dicroico y papel pintado

70 x 105 x 2 cm