Art Madrid'24 – Antonello Viola

Antonello Viola

Roma, (Italia), 1966

Antonello Viola graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He did a PhD at the Fine Arts Department of the University De La Laguna. He has exhibited in Rome, Milan, Vienna and New York. He works between Rome and Milan. In his works on canvas, paper or glass, Antonello Viola traces a chromatic perimeter where, through a process of accumulation, stratification and sedimentation, the canvas becomes a place devoted to meditation and the research of the absolute. The artist converts invisible into visible with thin layers of paint that are then scraped, removed and deleted. Through the material density of his work, Viola establishes a new relationship with the space, a renewed dialogue between the inner dimension of the work and the environment that surrounds it. The sedimentation of the chromatic material, with its concretions and its impalpable roughness, becomes a backwards journey where the pulsating life in the Painting is rediscovered.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galleria Stefano Forni

Programa General