Art Madrid'23 – Ava Willow

Ava Willow

Lisboa, (Portugal), 1978

Ava Willow is a Portuguese artist, born in Lisbon, who currently lives and works in several cities in Europe, such as London and the south of France, where she spends long periods of time. She has worked in various fields, from fashion to film production. Until the day she started her career in the art world, crossing paths with contemporary artists and developing a strong empathy with some of them. She started in the world of collage, using different materials and mixing some techniques such as dripping on canvas. She has always been interested in abstract expressionism and surrealism. She finds in Mark Tobey, Franz Cline, Jackson Pollock and Salvador Dalí her main artistic references.

She is interested in the intensity and aesthetic intentionality in the act of painting as methods of work and observation. She considers the action of painting a free gesture without intellectual constraints. She admires free thought and practices it, finding in it a great expressive spontaneity and the possibility of creating a parallel reality to the one that transports inspiration to her canvases. His works transmit a type of image formed by lines, stains, strokes, color and shapes. In his procedures he never participates in a previous study of the work, rather he concentrates on creating with spontaneity, giving free rein to his improvisation, he considers that it is the only way that the work is not annihilated in an automatic process. Ava Willow has exhibited in several galleries and participated in international fairs such as the last edition of Art Madrid.