Azelio Corni

Azelio Corni

Sesto Calende (Italia), 1948

In 1970 Azelio Corni graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan), at that time his Professor was L. Veronesi, one of the most renowned Italian artist, Also he had a PhD at the Academy of Cinema and the Photography, Archeology and Sociology (Milan). In 1973 he had found the Art Group ‘’Reality and Confrontation”, with the aim to operate in the various fields of Visual Communication. In 1983 he also found the Group called “Sweet Art" with the aim to bring the Art outside the official and usual spaces, normally devoted to it. Azelio Corni is a multimedia artist and his artwork have been collected by private and public institutions such as UBI Bank and private collections in Europe, USA, India and Japan.

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Artist's works

Azelio Corni | Bowl

Azelio Corni

Bowl, 2005

Mixed media on canvas

150 x 150 cm