Art Madrid'23 – Belén Escútia

Belén Escútia

Palma de Mallorca, 1973

She started her artistic education at the age of eight with Mallorcan painters such as Joan Vich, Paco Gaita and Xim Torrents Lladó. During his education, he works with different techniques such as charcoal, graphite, sanguine, pastel, watercolour and oil. She studied Illustration at the School of Arts and Crafts in Palma, combining her studies with Fashion Design with the designer Mar Sobrón. Multifaceted artist, she works in window design, graphic design, portraits, footwear design, prints and large-format painting. In 2013 she left behind realism and began her current stage focused on contemporary art, most works are large formats combining acrylic with various materials. In her new project, she combines interior design with painting, offering personalized works that adapt to the requirements of the space. With his latest collection, he is inspired by landscapes of Mallorca from an intimate abstract in which the protagonists are the lights and shadows.