Art Madrid'24 – Benjamin Gaumard

Benjamin Gaumard

Francia, 1987

Benjamin Gaumard worked for seven years as assistant designer Kenzoy during this stage when he came into contact with Japanese culture. From several trips and conversations with the designer comes to know the technique of origami for which he feels absolute fascination and begins to specialize and work on it. Apart from a clear influence of Japanese culture, Benjaminse’s works are influenced by a static balloon trip to the temples of Burmaen which was impressed by the effect of the shadows of the buildings. Therefore, shadows, light and the delicacy of the millenary technique are the characteristics of its Murmurations. In his works, he works with compositions of small birds of resinated origami on wood. The result is a piece that plays with the lights and shadows that reveal in the wood the essence of the work.

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Benjamin Gaumard | Murmurations #32

Benjamin Gaumard

Murmurations #32, 2023

Origami de papel resinado sobre madera

110 x 178 cm