Art Madrid'24 – Carlos Sánchez Alonso

Carlos Sánchez Alonso

Soria, 1963

Carlos Sánchez Alonso's work reflects a real capacity to transpose the results of his research in a plastic way. Thus, each work is a challenge in itself, articulated around the architectural theme of space form. Rationality and intuition respond to each sculpture and contribute to the exploration of volumes and transparencies, of the expansion of bodies in space, of the incidence of their opposition or their association. Hence his preoccupation with tectonics and superimpositions, which force the viewer to approach each sculpture from different angles and points of view. The works seem, unmistakably, imbued with the experience and teaching of architecture. The professional experience of Carlos Sánchez Alonso, far from opposing his career as a sculptor, manages to merge into a harmonious synthesis of great transcendence for all his work.