Art Madrid'24 – Carlota Pérez de Castro

Carlota Pérez de Castro

Madrid, 1998

It could be said that I was born with a paintbrush in hand. I come from a family of artists and studied Interior Design and Fashion Design at IADE, the school founded by my grandfather. However, later on, I realized that what I truly loved was art. So, I pursued the Master's in Permanent Training in Arts and Artistic Professions at UC3M-CBA (SUR - Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid). With my first exhibition, "Human Diversity," I unintentionally became the youngest artist to exhibit at the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid. In 2021, I performed at the Miró Foundation in Barcelona. That same year, I created the project "Exposición Andante," which, during the pandemic, succeeded in bringing art to the streets of Madrid, Barcelona, and Seoul under the motto "The beauty of art appears when it is shared." Additionally, I have exhibited in Australia, Almería, Barcelona, and in various galleries in my hometown of Madrid.

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Alba Cabrera Gallery

Programa General

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