Art Madrid'24 – Chuli Herrera

Chuli Herrera

Camagüey, (Cuba), 1987

My work has a point where painting and digital practices converge. My work is indebted to the past, to those great masters of painting who, in addition to exerting a great influence on my work, have generated an undeniable impact on visual memory and collective culture. In that sense, social networks are a repository where the visual culture of our time is poured in real time. Understanding the functioning of their algorithms, the use of hashtags and search engines is part of my research process. From the conjunction between technologies and painting emerge pieces that, although they have a pictorial result, marked by the expressiveness of the oil impasto on the canvas and my poetic way of feeling art, are closely related to the multiple forms of digital representation between zeros and ones.

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Collage Habana

Programa General

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