Art Madrid'24 – Daniel Schweitzer

Daniel Schweitzer

Alemania, 1988

Daniel Delgado Schweitzer holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and a Master's degree in Artistic Production from the same university. His work stands out for the relationships between body, space and spectator. Through sculptures and installations he generates proposals where the body decomposes and recomposes itself using fractal geometry as a plastic resource to create space. He explores the limits of a body that metamorphoses and dematerialises through geometry in an intangible space, to reconstitute itself in its symbolic sense. In this way body, space and geometry meet in a work of plastic research, where texture, material and form contain their own narratives.

Despite his short career, he has so far developed several exhibitions in important cities in Spain such as Valencia, Cordoba, Granada, La Rioja, Barcelona or Madrid, among others. As well as on an international level, after an exhibition in the city of Dresden, Germany. His novel and powerful trajectory is surprising, being the 3rd prize winner in the sculpture contest of the Sierra Elvira Foundation, selected for the art festival Ciutat Bella Oberta to exhibit in the Museum of Fine Arts of Valencia.

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