Art Madrid'23 – Eladio de Mora (dEmo)

Eladio de Mora (dEmo)

Toledo, 1961

dEmo has its roots in pop art. In recent years his works have become an almost constant presence in the exteriors of museums and galleries around the world. dEmo manages to find double readings and transform everyday elements and objects that invite to play into authentic icons. This iconization of the domestic and the use of vibrant colours are the main hallmarks of his work. Bears, ducks, divers, clowns, dancers, flowers, rhinoceroses, cats, and robots that can reach enormous dimensions, are part of the urban landscape proposed by demo, a sculptor who seduces the public through smiles. The most powerful weapon of this artist is a humour and the greatest virtue of his work is that in it there is a very intelligent process of fetishization of the domestic and the ordinary elevated to a cultural category.