Art Madrid'23 – Guillermo Fornés

Guillermo Fornés

Bilbao, 1964

Guillermo Fornés studied Fine Arts at Kings College of Art in London, where he established his first studio for seven years. Previously he had studied psychology at the Cardenal Cisneros University in Madrid. Since his return to Spain, he researches and experiences new pictorial and engraving techniques, developing his work at the Bilbao Arte Foundation. He has collaborated with the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and today develops his activity between his studies in Madrid and Ibiza. Fornés' work focuses on emotion, communication, analysis and the development of a personal pictorial language. His works feed on symbolism and synthesis, where the drawing, the lost figure, contrasts with the gestures and expressiveness of the stain and the strength of the colour. Opposites, in dialogue, determine the conception of these paintings so deep and with a deep message. Naturalness, direct lines and poetics without presumption or intellectual barriers.