Art Madrid'23 – Hsieh Jung-Wei

Hsieh Jung-Wei

Taiwán, 1991

Hsieh Jung-Wei is a Taiwanese Asian artist. In 2016, he graduated from the Fine Arts degree program at Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan. And in 2021 he completed his studies at Shih Chien University. In 2020, he was the winner of the prestigious KeeLung For A Walk Artist Residency in Keelung, Taiwan. And last year he received the Next Art Tainan Awarded, 2022. In the words of Jung Wei Hsieh: _Papers are like the desert, when it comes into view it is complete sterility. In his short but prominent journey he has been noted for the work he participates in on paper: _I am looking for a meadow on paper, grass on paper, to be a gardener on paper, planting grass with every step I take. I don't know how far this journey will go. I once got lost in the paper, but every time I reach the end of the paper, I look back and realize that everywhere I have walked there is a meadow.

In Jung Wei Hsieh's work, the working processes can be perceived as an eternal journey. A journey that the artist directs towards faith, that which makes the meadow grow and spread. The usual place that he represents in his works. He is an artist who has dedicated a lot of time to his creation; using a single movement to repeat and record it, in order to present a form of strength. Viewers feel a spiritual connection with his works because they are a reflection of humanity, of experience, of what has been lived or is lived in the present.