Iñigo Calles

Iñigo Calles

San Sebastián, 1953

He was born in Gijón and grew up in Colombia between the ages of nine and nineteen. Nuria Formentí is one of those artists whose parents, although not dedicated to the arts, have had a more than close connection with them. From a very young age she has lived surrounded by great artists and writers who, as if they were a magnet, dragged the artist towards the search for beauty and life through visual arts. These gave him the necessary tools to be able to handle himself in a magical world, in his world. From a very young age, she gave free rein to her hand, taking the pen as a support to capture her theoretical outbursts on a paper that, far from her consciousness, filled and filled with content that she only read when she finished and which she did not recognize as her own but from a demiurge.

In 1999 and at the hands of her master "of ceremonies", Antonio Obregón, Nuria bought a canvas and oil paintings and began to paint seeking the aesthetic harmony that will haunt her throughout her visual arts and it is in this year that the artist began her artistic career without any brake. Fuerteventura, Cartagena de Indias, Barranquilla, Oviedo, Gijón or Geneva, will be mandatory destinations in which the artist exhibits her work.

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