Art Madrid'23 – James Lambourne

James Lambourne

Londres, 1956

James Lambourne takes the shapes, textures and colours of his surroundings to develop his unmistakable personal iconography: territories, landmarks, stone circles -which he considers "thresholds"-, and symbolic and plastic elements that run through all his work. His observation of nature makes him aware that nothing, not even the inert, remains the same; that time always involves evolution, movement, change and transformation. It is this same observation that has captured Lambourne's interest in the harmony between the microcosm and the macrocosm. This vision leads him to his everyday discoveries, stones and other objects in which he finds entire universes engraved and growing on their surface. Shapes, colours and textures that he transfers to his two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. In 'In/gràvid' James Lambourne explores the mystery of gravity, how a natural phenomenon can bring weight to physical objects and how its energy can attract other bodies, although the sensation of being anchored to the earth may disappear once we find ourselves floating under the deep blue sea.