Jeffrey Milstein

Jeffrey Milstein

Nueva York (EE.UU), 1944

Woodstock, NY based photographer, architect and pilot Jeffrey Milstein was born in the Bronx (New York) and has had a love for aircraft since childhood. After graduating in 1968 in Architecture from the University of CA, Berkeley, he practiced as an architect before turning to photography in 2000. Milstein earned his pilot’s license at 17 and his passion for flight led to his well known typology of aircraft photographed from below while landing. He is known for his aerial shots of cities, as well as his photos of aircraft mid-flight. In 2007 the work was presented in a solo show at the Ulrich Museum of Art in 2008 in a year long solo show at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in 2012. In 2016 it was on display at the Brandts Museum in Odense, Denmark. In recent years Milstein has reversed the direction of the camera creating award winning unique aerial images of man-made landscapes that are iconic and emblematic of the modern world. The National History Museum of Los Angeles County opened a permanent installation in 2017 which included a large-scale reproduction of Milstein’s aerial photograph of Beverly Hills. His aerial photograph of Newark Airport is a cover image for the catalog accompanying the traveling FEP exhibition Civilization, The Way We Live Now. Abrams published Milstein’s aircraft work as a monograph in 2007, Monacelli published his extensive body of work from Cuba as a monograph in 2010 and Thames and Hudson published LA NY, a collection of aerial photographs of LA and NY in 2017. His work has been collected by museums including LACMA, the Smithsonian Museum, the George Eastman House, the Portland Museum of Art, and the Akron Art Museum.

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Jeffrey Milstein | NYC Columbus Circle 4 - NY Aerials

Jeffrey Milstein

NYC Columbus Circle 4 - NY Aerials, 2021

Impresión de pigmentos de archivo detrás de un cristal de museo en un marco de fresno blanco hecho a mano

165 x 125 cm