Jesús Chamizo

Jesús Chamizo

Madrid, 1961

In the Jesús Chamizo's work, art and architecture combine to create images that separate themselves from the real, transform spaces and known shapes. The relationship between human beings and their environment, how one influences the other and how both can be transformed and projected into another parallel universe. Chamizo has won numerous international national awards: Sol, Cannes, Lux, Fiap, Epica, New York Festival, Nd Awards, Pollux and IPA International and IPA Latino.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galería Kreisler

Programa General

Artist's works

Jesús Chamizo | Glass Memories 4

Jesús Chamizo

Glass Memories 4, 2018

Impresión fine art y tintas pigmentadas

52 x 80 cm

Jesús Chamizo | Stahlraum 9

Jesús Chamizo

Stahlraum 9, 2019

Caja de luz metacrilato impreso

128 x 128 x 9 cm

Jesús Chamizo | On the stage 2

Jesús Chamizo

On the stage 2, 2019

Caja de luz textil con perfil de aluminio

180 x 86 x 10 cm