Art Madrid'23 – Joaquín Cano Quintana

Joaquín Cano Quintana

Isla, (Cantabria), 1956

Bachelor of Bb. Arts at the Faculty of San Fernando in Madrid. Titular Professor at the Faculty of Education of the University of Cantabria. He teaches classes in the area of. Knowledge, of Didactics of Plastic Expression, at the University of Cantabria, Department of Education. He directs the Serigraph Workshop at the Faculty of Education of the U.C. Member of the Didactic Gallery Team of the U.C. “Under the title Archeology of a landscape, Joaquina Cano addresses his artistic reflection on the landscape from two personal perspectives: landscape in situ, what is seen, and landscape in view, what has happened. An approach to the landscape with a predominance of the mental image over the visual. For this, he starts from landscapes of memory (his childhood and adolescence in a rural and sailor nucleus of the town of Noja) that now revisits and fixes on those aspects of it that appear uninhabited but in which the intervention of man has been mimicked with the natural environment In different formats (vertical to underline the grandeur, horizontal to emphasize the panoramic vision), with different lights (fulfilling a symbolic value referring to the past and the present, day and night, reality and dreams) and Relying on the classic elements of painting: the point, the line and the stain, Joaquín Cano reinterprets the landscape of memory, giving it an emotional charge. ”. (L. A. Salcines). The landscape is built - landscape architecture - by superimposing the artificial and the natural, the result of a human intervention - forced, unconscious or artistic - to adapt the resulting image to our aesthetic conventions."