Jordi Díaz Alamà

Jordi Díaz Alamà

Barcelona, 1986

Jordi Díaz Alamà has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and nowadays he is the Director of the prestigious Barcelona Academy of Art, which he founded in 2013. His work interprets and represents the world around us by applying his knowledge in classical methodology, knowledge acquired in great art schools such as the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. His training has been consolidated by the great contemporary masters like the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum, Guillermo Muñoz Vera and Antonio López. Part of the work of Jordi Díaz Alamà is at the permanent collection of the “Sala Alamà” at the Can Framis Museum in Barcelona. His paintings have been present at fairs and exhibitions by the hand of galleries such as Miquel Alzueta (Barcelona); Artelibre (Zaragoza), El Claustre (Girona) and Inéditad (Barcelona). With Inéditad participates in the 17ª edition of Art Madrid.

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Artist's works

Jordi Díaz Alamà | Aurora

Jordi Díaz Alamà

Aurora, 2019

Oléo, esmalte y resina sobre tela

150 x 150 x 4 cm

Jordi Díaz Alamà | Egolatraiada

Jordi Díaz Alamà

Egolatraiada, 2022

Oleo sobre tela

200 x 200 cm