Art Madrid'24 – Jorge Luis Rodríguez Marrero

Jorge Luis Rodríguez Marrero

Holguín, (Cuba), 1991

Graduated from thet El laba Professional Academy of Plastic Arts, Holguin (2010). He was awarded Third Prize in the sixth edition of the Contemporary Cuban Art contest, Post-it, sponsored by collage Habana, Visual Arts Directorate of the Cuban Cultural Fund Assets, Cuba. He has held personal exhibitions in Cuba, Colombia and Switzerland and has been part of group exhibitions in Cuba, France, Mexico, Venezuela, Taiwan, Colombia and Canada. His Works belong to private collections in Cuba, Venezuela, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, France, Colombia. His daring yet original proposal proposes an anatomical deconstruction of well-known faces within the history of humanity, giving rise to a visual teratology that challenges and captivates the viewer instanly. The manipulation of the human portrait is no only formal. The artist has experimented with altering the pictorial process itself to give us back a sharp has image that is based on the divergent and the terrible.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Collage Habana

Programa General