Art Madrid'24 – José Roberto Arráiz

José Roberto Arráiz

Caracas, (Venezuela), 1975

José Roberto Arráiz was born in Caracas, in 1975. He studied Pure Art at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Plastic Arts in Caracas, and later resided in the United States to focus his studies on geometric art, kineticism and the Bauhaus. From then on he focused on the circle and the line as a means of expression. His interest in research leads him to study and exploration trips in France, Italy and Spain. In 2018 he held an exhibition at the Graphicart Gallery, Caracas, and has participated in numerous exhibitions and group events. He currently resides in Caracas.

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Kleur Gallery

Programa General

Artist's works

José Roberto Arráiz | Dos mundos

José Roberto Arráiz

Dos mundos, 2023

Acrilicos sobre Tela

80 x 100 cm

José Roberto Arráiz | Arcángel

José Roberto Arráiz

Arcángel, 2023

Acrilicos sobre Tela

90 x 90 cm