Art Madrid'24 – Juan Escudero

Juan Escudero

Bilbao, 1965

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country in 1991 with a specialty in painting.

«To draw, I put as a condition that all the marks made are visible and no correction is made. I apply a system in which a first line prefigures the bottom line and if an irregularity occurs, it is transmitted on the next line. Similar processes occur in nature so that these drawings later connect with familiar patterns and forms such as surfaces, tissues, fluids, orography, waves, etc. The basic idea for drawing is not to represent something, but to activate a process. It’s similar to the automatic drawings we make unconsciously when we talk on the phone. A drawing like a musical improvisation, an automatic writing, a clear traffic for the present without correcting anything.»

Escudero has won numerous awards nationally and internationally.

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Pigment Gallery

Programa General

Artist's works

Juan Escudero | Port de la Selva

Juan Escudero

Port de la Selva, 2023

Grabado sobre papel Hahnemühler 350 gr

124 x 100 cm