Juan Gerstl

Juan Gerstl

Caracas (Venezuela), 1985

Juan Gerstl is a sculptor with a Degree in Visual Communication at the Digital Design Center of Caracas. From a young age, he is attracted by symmetry, order and movement. Later on, he begins to experiment with photography and graphic design.

Gerstl has an intense international career, makes several collaborations with the world of fashion, mixing it with art, as well as participating in several charitable auctions such as Lincoln Center in New York, Fundación Fundana and the Smylife project. The artist is committed to kinetic and optical art. He exhibits his work at the Kreisler Gallery and Maternal and Heritage Gallery.

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Galería Kreisler

Programa General

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Juan Gerstl | La alcachofa

Juan Gerstl

La alcachofa, 2018

Aluminio con impresion directa en UV

49.5 x 91 cm