Juanma Reyes participating

Juanma Reyes

Málaga, 1976

Juanma Reyes studied at the School of Plastic Arts and Design in Málaga and in 2006 he completed the Master's Degree in Graphic Work of the CIEC Foundation of A Coruña. Reyes's work reflects the fine line that is established between what is alive and what is dead. It is flooded by a feeling of ambivalence between tenderness and brutality. Faces huge, faded, without defined features show their most recondite part, their privacy. The fragility is palpable in works that invite to investigate around ...

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MH Art Gallery

Programa General

Artist's works

Juanma Reyes | Cañon

Juanma Reyes

Cañon, 2017

Objetos diversos, acrílico, lápiz y spray

145 x 145 x 26 cm

Juanma Reyes | Pistola II

Juanma Reyes

Pistola II, 2016

Madera, hierro, acrílicos y plástico

160 x 78 x 21 cm

Juanma Reyes | Escalera

Juanma Reyes

Escalera, 2015

Bobínas, hilos y presillas

126 x 42 x 54 cm

Juanma Reyes | Estánteria

Juanma Reyes

Estánteria, 2015

Madera, clavos y spray

38 x 196 x 18 cm

Juanma Reyes | Individuo

Juanma Reyes

Individuo, 2017

Objetos diversos, acrílico, lápiz y spray

145 x 145 x 22 cm