Art Madrid'24 – Krum Stanoev Baitochev

Krum Stanoev Baitochev

Sofía, (Bulgaria), 1961

Krum Stanoev is a bulgarian artist based in Spain for more than thirty years. His professional artistic training begins in the Artistic Baccalaureate at the School of Applied Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria (1975 - 1980). Graduated in Fine Arts at the faculty "Of Nikolai Pavlovich", Sofia, in 1990, specializing in engraving. He has had a wide artistic trajectory, going through different manifestations, from painting, and engraving, to sculpture, which is his artistic production of the last years. His most recent sculptural work has been focused on laser-cut metal with different finishes. This way of working metal gives his work a great lightness and allows him to play with the contents, giving it a density of meaning that makes us perceive the object as a sculptural poem. He has participated in numerous art fairs such as Estampa. FLECHA, Art Madrid, and Affordable Art Fair among others. To date, he has had 19 solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions in Spain and other countries.

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