Lautaro Oliver

Lautaro Oliver

Barcelona, 1987

Winner of the First Prize at the 10th Florence Art Biennale in 2015, Lautaro Oliver devolpes a figurative sculptural style inspired by the classical tradition, but with an absolutely contemporary approach. His work draws on Greek and Egyptian mythology to create unique pieces, both in marble and bronze, in which he combines the human body with animal heads. Anthropomorphic hybrid beings with whom he intends to artistically represent the tragic, hilarious and critical side of the society that surrounds us. Lautaro Oliver trained for 3 years at the Giannoni Studio in Pietrasanta (Tuscany, Italy) specializing in marble sculpture. He has carried out individual exhibitions in prestigious spaces such as Sunny Art Center (London); Galerie Katapult (Basel, Switzerland); La Pedrera (Barcelona); Bettendorffsche Galerie Im Schlossgarten (Leimen, Germany) or Víctor Saavedra Gallery in Barcelona. Now he participates in the 17th edition of Art Madrid with exclusive pieces represented by Inéditad Gallery (Barcelona).

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