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Le Petit Kaiser

Málaga, 0

After discovering the power of painting and drawing in a psychologist's office at the early age of 6, Le petit Kaiser would be linked for life with the artistic world as a means of expression. For 3 years, he combined illustration studies with the management of a street wear brand sold throughout the country. Later, the cover of the book "Yo Zatu - y mi Severa Fractura De Kráneo" (2013) of the classic Sevillian rapper Zatu, from SFDK, was published. After this first contact with the professional art world Le petit Kaiser continues his career as an artist in the world of design working for several musicians of the national scene and, the contemporary art circuit collaborating with La Casa Amarilla ( Malaga) until today. Currently his work seeks to transport us to the emotional universe that children live in the process of artistic creation. His work captures invented characters, recreated with naive style strokes, in the middle of everyday scenes. Each character invites us to participate in his or her private life. Each one forms a universe full of ideas and thoughts that the artist will bring to the canvas through multiple techniques and materials.

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