Lino Lago participating

Lino Lago

Vigo, 1973

Lino Lago has exhibited individually since 1997, in several institutions, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of A Coruña or the deputation of Ourense. In George Adams gallery in New York or Bredgade-Kunsthandel gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has also exhibited collectively at ARCO at Pulse Art Fair in Miami, Art Madrid or Project Art Fair in Miami.

Lago has received prizes and mentions such as the Vilnius City Arts Award in Lithuania or the Artist Award under 25 years of the Buen Reti ...

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Moret Art

Programa General

Artist's works

Lino Lago | 1.Rojo

Lino Lago


1.Rojo, 2017

Óleo sobre lino

30 x 24 cm

Lino Lago | Venus dormida (versión de Giorgione)

Lino Lago

Venus dormida (versión de Giorgione), 2017

Óleo sobre lino

89 x 146 cm


Lino Lago | Línea

Lino Lago

Línea, 2017

Óleo sobre lino

55 x 55 cm


Lino Lago | Sin título (Serie Atentados)

Lino Lago

Sin título (Serie Atentados), 2017

Óleo sobre lino

100 x 150 cm