Lino Lago

Lino Lago

Vigo (Pontevedra), 1973

Lino Lago questions in his works the sacredness of classical painting with a great dose of humour and irony through an excellent pictorial technique. It has a recognized international trajectory and has received outstanding awards, such as an honourable mention in the Thyssen Museum of Madrid in the painting contest organized by the "Foundation of Arts and Artists" of Barcelona or the honourable mention in the " XXIV BMW Painting Prize ".

His work has been exhibited in renowned national and international spaces such as the Flint Institute of Michigan and the outstanding George Adams Gallery in New York and has participated in important fairs such as Arco, Art Miami or Art Fair “SH Contemporary 09″ from Shanghai. His work has appeared in prestigious international publications such as "The New York Times Magazine" or "Vogue Italia" and has been featured in the magazine "Fuera de Serie" as one of the strong names in which to invest.

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Moret Art

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Artist's works

Lino Lago | Fake abstract (Boucher)

Lino Lago

Fake abstract (Boucher), 2020

Óleo y pan de oro sobre lino

20 x 80 cm

Lino Lago | Fake abstract

Lino Lago

Fake abstract, 2020

Óleo y pan de oro sobre lienzo

160 x 200 cm