Lucas Brox participating

Lucas Brox

Murcia, 1986

Lucas Brox has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Murcia, senior technician of Plastic Arts applied to Sculpture at the School of Arts and Crafts of Murcia. Broz has participated in many solo and group exhibitions such as "El ocaso de la multitud" at Galería Léucade, "Frágil Eclipse" at the Movart Gallery, ArtMadrid 17, Hashtag2 at Galería Léucade, Some portraits at the Ramón Gaya Museum. He has been awarded the First Prize in the Quick Paint Contest of Vistabella and the city of Mur ...

This artist exhibits in the following galleries

Galería Léucade

Programa General

Artist's works

Lucas Brox | Ghost

Lucas Brox

Ghost, 2017

Técnica mixta sobre lienzo

200 x 200 cm

Lucas Brox | 03 (serie mujeres/hombres)

Lucas Brox

03 (serie mujeres/hombres), 2017

Técnica mixta sobre papel

40 x 29 cm

Lucas Brox | Untitled 9

Lucas Brox

Untitled 9, 2015

Óleo sobre lienzo

50 x 35 cm

Lucas Brox | Recipiente

Lucas Brox

Recipiente, 2016

Óleo sobre lienzo

50 x 50 cm

Lucas Brox | La línea roja (díptico)

Lucas Brox

La línea roja (díptico), 2017

Óleo sobre lienzo

100 x 160 cm